Second post - The results of the contest!

Four hours have passed since the contest ended. Every single part has been unbelievable! One unforgettable part of the contest was when David Daniel dropped over Mari half of the sauce. For a moment we were all frightened but this didn't stop us, thanks to this we outdone ourselves and we could get over this ordeal improving our time management and problem-solving skills. But overall It was an astounding experience because we had a fascinating time with other contestants and we made a lot of friends and we also learnt wonderful things. Finally, we ended in second place. I think maybe this happened because of David's accident! But we were truly good. We were awarded with 200 euros that we are going to invest on cooking materials. I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for all the support, bye! ;))

First Post - Our experience & preparation!

Us members of the group we have never been to a talent show or spoken in public yet, or given our food to anyone outside our families to taste, and we strongly believe doing so would make us more skillful at team player and organization. Anyways we are pretty self-aware since we have baked so many different desserts already that looked delicious and turned out super tasty! That is why we know we are brilliant at cooperating. Furthermore, to practise for the contest we have cooked at the last family gatherings quite challenging meals such as risotto, paella, quiche, cassoulet... We are fond of latin food as well due to one of our member's (Mari) Colombian nationality. Something we haven't done yet but we would love to do is giving a chance on Korean food. Every dish looks really savory!

Welcome to our cooking blog! 馃挌

Hello! We're Daanmar, we're a cooking group that cooks delicious food together! We're David, 脕ngela and Mari. We have been cooking since we're kids but we have started cooking together for 2 years now. For all of us it's so important cooking because we really enjoy cooking and for this reason we have just submit to our high school talent contest because we have a gorgeous talent and we're quite confident about our skills and also it's a great opportunity to have fun.  You are probably asking yourself why we have submit to this talent contest, so let us explain you why, basically we want to participate because we are pretty enthusiastic and persistent to reach our goals, and also it sounds amazing to spend time with people with other skills and since we're very committed and sociable we'd find the experience unforgettable even if we don't win.